• Streetlight out?

    Use our online forms to report a power outage or streetlight issue...

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    Report a streetlight that needs repair

    Our online form makes it easy to report lights that are out or malfunctioning. You may also call Customer Care at:

    • 813-223-0800 in Hillsborough County
    • 863-299-0800 in Polk County
    • 1-888-223-0800 all other counties

    Thank you for making us aware!

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  • Call Before You Dig

    Be aware and stay safe.

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    It's the law - call 811 before you dig

    Energy digging project, no matter how large or small, requires a call to 811.

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  • Save money and energy

    Learn all about our many energy savings programs...

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    Tampa Electric offers several energy-saving programs

    • Duct Repair
    • Roof Insulation
    • Cooling
    • Lighting
    • And many more ...
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  • Surge Protection

    Zap Cap Systems® is an effective meter-based surge protection system.

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    Keep your business moving

    With Tampa Electric's Zap Cap Systems® you can protect your business equipment from damaging high-voltage surges.

    • Minimize lost productivity and revenue associated with equipment shut-downs and restarts.
    • Reduce maintenance costs for both equipment and site electrical systems.
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  • Pay with e-Bill

    Pay your bill online with e-Bill

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    Pay with e-Bill

    e-Bill is a free, safe and easy way to view and pay your bill online. Choose the amount to pay, date to pay, and payment method through a checking or savings account. Sign up today!

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  • Construction

    Request service, check project status and access valuable tools.

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    Request service

    • Temporary pole
    • Permanent Service - Residence
    • Permanent Service - Commercial project
    • Upgraded Service to Existing Facility
    Access valuable tools
    • Standard Electrical Service Requirements (SESRs)
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  • Outage Map

    There are many reasons why customers experience power outages including...

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    Outage Map

    Providing reliable power is a priority for Tampa Electric. However, sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control when you will lose power.

    This tool was created to help you monitor and track outages - helping you plan around this situation.

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  • Renewable Energy

    The future is now. Get with the program...

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    A growing number of customers are purchasing a portion of their electricity from renewable sources

    • Purchase blocks of renewable energy for as little as $5 per month.
    • Make your event a "Green Event" with our one time purchase option.
    • Solar water heater rebates are still available for new installations.
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