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About Your Meter

Tampa Electric uses a meter to measure the amount of energy consumed by your home or business. Meters display usage in kilowatt hours (kWh). Your monthly statement reflects the difference in kWh of energy used from the previous month to the current month. That number is used to calculate the cost of your electric service.

Reading your meter

Tampa Electric customers have a digital meter that shows the kilowatt-hour (kWh) reading on the display. Some digital meters will display readings continuously while others show the kWh reading followed by a test display with all 8s.

Follow these steps to calculate approximately how much money you owe for your electric bill. You'll want to have last month's bill handy for reference.

  1. Read your electric meter (refer to the instructions listed above if you're not sure how to read your meter).
  2. Locate the meter reading listed on your last month's electric bill.
  3. Subtract last month's reading (step 2) from your current reading (step 1).
  4. The result is the amount of electricity (in kilowatt-hours, or kWh) your home has used since your last reading.
  5. Again, refer to last month's bill to find your energy charge and fuel charge rates. Multiply the number of kWh by these rates and add the totals together.
  6. This number, plus the Tampa Electric customer charge and any franchise fee and/or applicable taxes, is approximately how much money you owe this month for your electric bill.
Advances in meter technology

In the past decade, meter technology has evolved from electromechanical, or dial-type, meters to digital meters. In fact, all major electric-meter manufacturers have discontinued production of dial-type meters, and all Florida investor-owned utilities are utilizing digital meters.

Tampa Electric adopted advanced metering technology in 2003, when the company began replacing electromechanical or dial-type meters with digital meters, also called drive-by meters. This technology is also known as automated meter reading, or AMR. We have completed installing these meters on all homes and businesses.

Learn more about Automated Meter Reading (AMR).