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About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is electricity produced from clean sources including the sun, wind, wood, and water.

Traditional methods of electricity generation typically rely on non-renewable fuel sources called fossil fuels. Renewable energy programs help to preserve our natural resources by using renewable fuel sources to generate the electricity to use in your home and in your workplace.

Using renewable resources like the sun also helps preserve our natural environment for future generations by reducing the amounts of air emissions and greenhouse gases associated with traditional electricity generation methods.

Tampa Electric's Renewable Energy program uses resources like sunlight and biomass (plant materials) as a fuel that helps reduce emissions here in our community. Your participation will help support technologies that create more renewable energy.

The results can be measured

In just one year, an investment in renewable energy will produce a positive environmental impact. A "block" of renewable energy equals 200 kilowatt-hours (200kWh) of electricity on the electric grid. And it only costs you $5 per month, conveniently added to your electric bill. Compare the difference your participation in Tampa Electric's Renewable Energy program can make:

  • One block offsets the same amount of carbon dioxide as not driving an average passenger car for three months.
  • Three blocks offset the same amount of carbon dioxide as planting an acre and a half of trees.
  • Four blocks offset the same amount of carbon dioxide as removing an average passenger car from the road for one year.

Purchase renewable energy for your home or business today!