Stay in the know while you’re on the go with Power Updates

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We work hard to provide you with reliable service; in fact, we generally maintain 99.9% reliability. However, natural occurrences like weather or trees and animals coming into contact with electrical equipment cause more than half the outages that occur.

When the power goes out, you want answers – fast. Now, you can get them on your mobile device with our FREE Power UpdatesSM. When you sign up for Power Updates, you can let us know how you’d like to receive updates about your electric service – emails, calls or texts – to your mobile device or landline. And, you’ll be able to report outages faster and easier because the system will automatically recognize you and match you to your account.
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Power out?

We have 3 ways for you to let us know:

  • Call 1-877-588-1010,
  • Report your outage online, or
  • Text OUT to 35069

Helpful tip: take the time to add the outage reporting phone number and text number to your contacts on your mobile device. That way, if your power should go out, you won’t be searching for how to let us know.

 Want updates?

  • Text UPDATE to 35069 after you text us about your outage
  • Bookmark the online Outage Map to monitor outages. You can learn the cause and restoration status in addition to the number of customers affected and the estimated restoration time. And, the Outage Map is specially optimized for viewing on your smart phone or tablet.