Missing your manatee friends? They miss you too! The Manatee Viewing Center is scheduled to reopen in November. In the meantime, you can gear up with manatee merch at our online store.

Every dollar you spend helps the center facilitate crucial manatee research and rescue efforts. Shipping is handled by the MacDonald Training Center, which employs and trains developmentally disabled adults. So you can feel extra good as you decide between the plush manatee in the orange hoodie or the blue hoodie. Or the one-manatee coffee mug or two.

The Manatee Viewing Center has been open since 1986. Saltwater taken from Tampa Bay to cool Big Bend power station was released, clean and warm, back to the bay.  Word spread in the manatee grapevine and they began to gather there for warmth. Today, when the bay water gets too chilly – around 68 degrees – they still come. Tampa Electric built a platform, then an environmental education center and a store. A butterfly garden, a tidal walk, the Rays tank and nature trails were next. International acclaim followed, and top tourist attraction rankings for the free attraction.

And now, an online store. So you never need to feel manatee-deprived.

Go ahead and browse. Whatever you select, you’ll be contributing to a cause we all love.

Manatees aren’t the only sea creatures on our masks. There’s a wide variety to choose from.
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T-shirts for the whole family await you at our online store.