Wait, who really is having the most fun here?

blog_IMG_0549.jpgGood times at Sullivan School in Tampa Heights.

School’s out for summer, but if you need a reminder about the incredible force for good that TECO team members can be in the community, you’re in luck.

The place: Patricia J. Sullivan Metropolitan Ministries Partnership School, which serves homeless families in Tampa Heights. The players: Elementary school students, teachers and staff  and 24 TECO volunteers. The occasion: For the first time since May 2019, field day!

It’s safe to say everyone involved had a, well, field day – and a safe one.

“Complete safety—NO injuries,” said Tampa Electric Senior Administrator of Organizational Development Bruce Napier of the day. “One child told a teacher ‘best day of the year!’ It felt so good to be back with the children and helping them, along with TECO volunteers, to have a safe, wonderful time.”

How much excitement can you have with the parachute…? 

With games and activities lighting up faces and filling the Sullivan gymnasium with laughter and shrieks of joy, it was the first experience of its kind at the school since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. TECO volunteers had plenty to say about the experience.

Distribution Design Technician Jodi Maxwell:

 “It was a great day. Not only did the children have fun playing amongst themselves, but they enjoyed all of us interacting and playing games with them. Very rewarding day.”

Distribution Design Technician I Curtis Stone:

 “The event was awesome. One thing each student shared in common was joy. We all enjoyed it the same, students and volunteers alike. “It meant the world to me to give back. I remember what it was like to be a student when days like this came around. Field days were better than the beach. As a member of Tampa Electric’s Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Council, I jump at every opportunity to mentor or volunteer for our youth. Growing up in an environment where opportunities to simply be a kid were limited at times due to a lack of resources, it’s very important to me to give back to my community however often I can. I grew up and currently live less than three miles from the Sullivan School and Metropolitan Ministries. The similarities in the cards some of these students were dealt and the disadvantages they may be facing are very familiar to me. For that reason, I’ve always dedicated my life to service. I hope many more opportunities come up so that I can continue small acts of service.”

blog_IMG_0463.jpg…this much!

Project Communications Coordinator Tiffany Bornfleth:

 “This school is so appreciative of all things TECO does throughout their school year. This year, members of my new team in Distribution Design at Central service area jumped right in on the new opportunity to help Sullivan. Most of them had no clue what it was, but they are all very invested now.”

 Procurement Compliance Manager Willisha Williams:

 “One moment that spoke volumes to me personally was when a first grade student, who was having such a blast at this field day, ran straight over to me and gave me the biggest hug. She asked so many questions, and wanted to get to know me. I had never met her before this moment, but it was a strong reminder that even though we are volunteering with the intent to give or help others, oftentimes that gift comes full circle or is a gift that keeps on giving.”

Thanks to the staff and students at Sullivan for hosting our TECO volunteers, who just might have had an even better time than the students.

24 TECO volunteers had a blast volunteering for field day at Patricia J. Sullivan Metropolitan Ministries Partnership School.

Sullivan students, teachers and staff sent TECO touching thank you cards after the event.