Another active hurricane season is on its way – is your business ready?


Hurricane season is right around the corner, and it could be a nasty one. According to the experts, there will be at least 19 named storms and nine hurricanes — four of which will be Category 3 or higher. By contrast, an average season normally has 14 named storms, about seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes. 

Tampa Electric is here to help you prepare yourself and your business, and to provide you with the safest and fastest path of recovery. It’s important to understand the risks and potential impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes and what they can do to your business.  

Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind during storm season: 

  • Be prepared to respond before, during, and after a storm. 
  • At Tampa Electric, each employee has an active responsibility during storm season. Similarly, it’s important for your business to inform key employees of their storm assignments. 
  • Take inventory of your business before storm season. 
  • Visit our Storm Center for more resources.  

We’ve developed a thorough and interactive hurricane preparedness checklist to help you plan and protect your employees, customers, and the community’s ability to recover. We urge you to refer to it and prepare now, before it’s too late!