Engaging Local Youth About Career Options with Tampa Electric


What does it take to become a lineworker? What kind of training do you need? Can you make a good living?

These were just a few questions a group of ninth to twelfth grade students had about a career in energy, specifically as a lineworker.

Tony Faison, manager of distribution engineering and operations at Tampa Electric, recently met with students enrolled in Gentleman’s Quest of Tampa Inc (GQ), a youth development organization dedicated to helping participants realize their potential as students, make positive choices about their academics and behavior, and equipping them with skills to become productive citizens after they graduate.

Faison started his career with Tampa Electric 32 years ago as a production apprentice. Over the years, his passion has been to expose and educate local minority youth about the utility industry as a potential career path.

“Being a lineworker is a tough job, but it’s also very rewarding,” said Faison. He shared his experiences from his days as an apprentice to now, as a manager, leading a dedicated group of lineworkers.

“It was nice to see the students authentically engaged. The information that Tony shared helped to expose the youth to new careers paths, specifically offered at TECO,” shared Tavis Myrick, executive director of GQ.

As a company that values a diverse workforce, Tampa Electric supports initiatives to raise awareness within all communities about job roles and employment opportunities within the company. Faison has expressed his excitement about continuing the dialogue with youth groups throughout the community.

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