Tampa Electric debuts “sunny” new streetlights


On a quiet residential street of new homes in eastern Hillsborough County, sleek street lights softly illuminate the lawns and walkways. As the residents of Medley at Southshore Bay know, these are no ordinary lights.

For starters, the lights are entirely solar-powered. They come equipped with motion detection that automatically switches to full-light mode when people or cars go by. And, they have an unobtrusive, modern look. 

"We really like how clean they look compared to the big, wood poles,” said Lyn Urbina, an employee of Tampa Electric who happens to live in new neighborhood. “My neighbors have commented many times how nice it is to have lights without wires and we love the fact that the light are powered 100 percent by the sun.” 

The solar lights – like all Tampa Electric lights that have been upgraded to energy-efficient LEDs – come equipped with smart photocells that alert Tampa Electric if the light malfunctions. That means quicker repairs and eliminates the need for homeowners to report a problem.

“Adequate lighting is essential to safety in our community,” said Lee Isham, business development lighting supervisor at Tampa Electric. “I’m so proud that our team members are creating an aesthetically pleasing look while helping our residents feel safe in their neighborhoods.” 

The new lights support Tampa Electric’s efforts to be a clean, green community partner. Each light is equipped with a solar panel and a battery that can store enough energy to illuminate the light for several nights. Since the lights are solar powered, there is no digging needed to feed power to them. 

The futuristic lights are gaining in popularity, with plans to install various varieties at new housing developments and larger roadways across West Central Florida. To date, about 600 lights are in use throughout Hillsborough County.

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