Energy for Good: A Clean Environment

For more than 120 years, we’ve brought power to the Tampa Bay area.

We’ve seen a lot of change during those years, and even bigger changes and challenges are headed our way. We’re getting ahead of the curve and preparing for a future that’s sustainable and smart, while maintaining the reliability and affordability that are essential to the customers and communities we serve

The progress of a lifetime

Follow our vision of a net-zero carbon emissions future through the lens of a lifetime 

Abby was born in 2020. It was her parent’s best day ever. And our carbon emissions were down 50 percent from the year 2000. By the time Abby turns five, emissions will be down 60 percent.

When Abby is in college our carbon emissions will be down 80 percent.

So by the time she’s 30, and having her own best day ever, we aim to achieve our vision of net-zero carbon emissions for Abby and her baby girl.

Learn how we plan to get there. For Abby, and for all of us.