Keep your business merry, bright and safe

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But keeping it that way with holiday lights, extra wires, scammers and employees who may be distracted is no easy task. Check out our simple tips to prevent accidents, injuries and other holiday headaches in your office. Don’t be a Scrooge – be safe! 

Holiday décor: Holiday décor is a festive way for your team to bond and enjoy the holidays together. But it can increase the risk of fire and tripping. Here are a few ways to lower those risks: 

  • Avoid tripping hazards by taping or running wires along walls to secure them. 
  • Plug lights into multiple outlets to prevent overloading one outlet.
  • Make sure décor on the walls or roof is properly fastened.
  • Use indoor lights for indoor decorations and outdoor lights for outdoor decorations. Choose the right ladder for the task and use it correctly. 
  • Have artificial trees? Make sure they’re labeled for fire resistance.

Sleep, scams and smorgasbords: The holidays may also mean your team is more tired and distracted than usual. And of course, they also mean more food. Here are some quick tips to contend with these potential headaches: 

  • Encourage employees to avoid drowsy driving by getting a full night's sleep. Encourage carpooling or sharing drive time with other employees or passengers.
  • Your employees may be in the “giving spirit” and more likely to contribute to charitable causes during the holiday season. But this could make them vulnerable to deception. Help your group lower their risks by advising them to only use websites they know, and never give out personal information like social security or bank account numbers. 
  • Considering a potluck? Make sure adequate food safety is part of the plan. Never leave food out for longer than two hours, keep hot food hot and cold food cold, and always wash your hands before handling food.

It’s beginning to look a lot like – a happy and safe holiday!