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Demolition Request

The demolition process is designed to ensure the safety of both the public and the men and women of Tampa Electric. To carry out the demolition process please complete and submit the following to Tampa Electric:

  • Complete, print and sign a cover letter Secure Form Icon.
  • Obtain and submit a completed demolition application that is available at your city or county office at the locations listed below.

Once Tampa Electric has received your cover letter and application, you will be sent a confirmation letter to give notice of receipt of your application. At the completion of the demolition process, after meters and service lines have been removed, the completed signed application will be sent to the customer/contractor.

Demolition application contact information

City of Tampa
Offices: (813) 274-3100
- Residential, use ext. 8220
- Business, use ext. 8235
1400 N. Boulevard

Hillsborough County
Planning and Growth Management Division
Offices: (813) 272-5920
- 601 Kennedy Blvd., Tampa (residential and commercial)
- 410 SE 30th St., Ruskin (residential only)

Although Polk County does not require a permit or application for demolition processes as of May 2005, Tampa Electric customers must still submit to us a request and cover letter in the format listed above, minus the demolition application.

Call before you dig

Every digging project, no matter how large or small, requires a call to 811. View the color code for marking underground utility lines.
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Questions about your construction project?

Call Tampa Electric's Construction Team at 813-635-1500.

Our Project Managers are ready to assist you with your construction project.

Pay Construction Costs

Payment may be made by check or money order

Please submit to:
Tampa Electric
c/o ED Billing
PO Box 173169
Tampa, FL 33672

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