Tampa Electric's Power ProsTM is a series of effective, versatile training programs developed for the electric utility industry. Power Pros includes training modules for Line Personnel, Distribution Design Technician, Streetlight Repairman, Substation Electrician and Meter Mechanic.

What makes Power Pros your best choice?

This is the most effective, complete series of skills training programs in the electric utility industry. Power Pros training programs are used in the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America. Power Pros is your best choice because:

  • We know the subject matter. We are an electric utility company and a recognized leader in providing a standard of service that is unsurpassed in this industry.
  • Power Pros Skills Training programs were developed and continue to be refined by our most qualified team members.
  • The materials are well designed and easily understood.
  • All Power Pros training programs have been proven successful and effective with numerous companies.
  • With Power Pros, you spend your training dollars wisely. The programs are competitively priced and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost required to develop your own.
  • This is the most effective, comprehensive package of skills training programs in the industry.

You can obtain all of your field training needs from one reliable source.

Contact us for more information about Power Pros and how training can be customized for your company's needs.

Training for Excellence

With Power Pros training, your company can expect the following results:

  • Team members are more confident in their ability to properly and safely perform their jobs.
  • Power Pros Skills Training not only benefits the team members taking the courses, but it also benefits those who serve as assistant course administrators. By administering the courses, those team members are able to keep their own skills current.
  • Apprentices are provided with a well-rounded approach that produces a competent journeyman in a short period of time.
  • Standardization and consistency, and meeting OSHA regulations.