An approach that achieves results

Competency-based training is a proven form of instruction, requiring students to demonstrate that they have mastered the skills presented in one module before advancing to the next. Competency-based training allows students to progress at their own pace, and ensures a high degree of skill and knowledge.

A University of South Florida study by Edward L. Levine, Ph.D., found an overwhelmingly positive response among Power Pros participants that included improved job performance and safety. His findings included:

  • Team member/employee reactions to the training programs were overwhelmingly positive. With few exceptions, those interviewed agreed that the programs are beneficial by improving job performance and safety.
  • The degree of the correspondence between the training programs and the actual job responsibilities is notably high. This conclusion is based on findings that show that the training programs cover 99 percent of the more important tasks and 94 percent of the knowledge, skills and other personal characteristics noted in the job analysis of line personnel positions.
  • The vast majority of modules are understandable, adequately written and appropriate in complexity and length.
  • Both safety and productivity in the Line department have improved since the introduction of the Power Pros training programs. While other factors may also account for these improvements, it is significant that both aspects have shown positive changes since the training began.
Certification and VA Benefits

Benefits & SuccessBenefits & SuccessPower Pros is a registered and certified apprenticeship program. We are sponsored by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and conjunctively by the U.S. Department of Labor through FLDOE's apprenticeship affiliation. Power Pros apprentices can receive college credits for Skills Center apprenticeship training activities.
Tampa Electric's Skills Center Apprenticeship Program is recognized by the government as an educational entity for eligible veterans to receive educational benefits.

Visit the FLDOE's online apprenticeship page for more information about job training activities.

Training for Excellence

With Power Pros training, your company can expect the following results:

  • Team members are more confident in their ability to properly and safely perform their jobs.
  • Power Pros Skills Training not only benefits the team members taking the courses, but it also benefits those who serve as assistant course administrators. By administering the courses, those team members are able to keep their own skills current.
  • Apprentices are provided with a well-rounded approach that produces a competent journeyman in a short period of time.
  • Standardization and consistency, and meeting OSHA regulations.