Easy Customization

Power Pros' training modules are designed for versatility, which promotes easy customization. Because the programs teach skills that are universal to the industry, the modules can be easily adapted and customized to fit your company's training needs and budget.

We will:

  • Teach your instructors about competency-based training and how to administer the training modules.
  • Explain typical classroom and field layouts.
  • Teach you how to manage the program regarding testing, performance documentation, record keeping and the efficient use of resources (manuals, specifications, tools, etc.).
  • Conduct a simulated training class for your instructors using several modules.

At the end of the implementation you will have:

  • A license to use Power Pros products.
  • A set of Power Pros training modules in three-ring binders for use as a reference.
  • Power Pros training modules on a compact disc.
  • Your own customized training program that has been adapted from the Power Pros training modules.
  • Path of progression course maps (maps that lay out your progression through the training modules).
  • An understanding of competency-based training methodology and how to use it.
  • An understanding of how to complete evaluation and record-keeping forms.
  • An understanding of how to teach and manage the training program.
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