Our Green Fleet

Our Green Fleet

Our green fleet includes extended-range, all electric and trouble trucks with battery-powered bucket lifts.

The use of electric vehicles results in environmental and other benefits. Because many plug-in vehicles are powered at least in part by electricity, they reduce oil consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles also require less maintenance. Our Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicles require no oil changes and their regenerative breaking leads to reduced brake wear. Most plug-in electric vehicles on the market today are either Battery Electric Vehicles or Extended Range Electric Vehicles.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

Our Green Fleet consists of several Nissan Leaf BEVs. The Leaf is 100% electric and has a range of approximately 150 miles.

Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs)
Plugin Electric

The EREVs in our Green Fleet consist of full-size Chevy pickup trucks modified by VIA Motors and Chevy Volts. Most EREVs have an all-electric range of approximately 35 to 55 miles – plenty of range for most commutes. However, when longer trips are necessary, the EREV offers the added benefit of an onboard gasoline-powered generator that provides an additional range after the battery runs low.

Trouble Trucks – Battery Powered Bucket
Plugin Battery Powered Bucket

We have more than 20 Dodge 5500-series diesel bucket trucks equipped with Jobsite Energy Management Systems (JEMS) from Altec Industries. With JEMS, advanced battery technology eliminates the need for the trucks' diesel engines to elevate the buckets. Instead, each truck's 48-volt battery system produces more than enough power to elevate and control its bucket. This eliminates the need to idle and reduces fuel consumption by 30 percent.

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