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Tampa Electric's Popular “Lamb Cam” is Baaaaack

Your pastoral respite returns to Facebook on Tuesday

TAMPA, January 6, 2020

It is with “shear” delight that Tampa Electric announces the return of Lamb Cam on Tuesday.

Stressful day at work? We’re raising the baa on your moment of zen. It is the pinnacle of sheep thrills.

We don’t want to ram it down anyone’s throat, but Tampa Electric’s environmentally friendly team of experts are outstanding in their field – and they’re pretty cute, too. These rented Katahdin sheep are flocking to TECO’s new solar fields to keep the grass short. Grazing sheep provide a significant cost savings over traditional mechanical lawn mowers, and they are better for the environment.

Starting Tuesday, Tampa Electric’s Lamb Cam will feature footage of newborn lambs on Facebook Live from our Big Bend Solar site in Apollo Beach. (Rest assured, we will give the mama sheep her privacy and ensure everyone’s safety.) Videos will be archived, in case you miss them as they happen. Visit

Lamb Cam debuted last year, and it was so popular – among our most popular posts ever – that some customers were counting sheep until it returned. And now it’s baaaack. Just for ewe.

The sheep have adequate food, water, shade and shelter. A team of experts monitors their health several times a week. Tampa Electric has installed fencing to keep out most predators. This breed of sheep has hair, not wool, so they are better suited for Florida’s climate.

Our solar fields come in all sheeps and sizes – and all of them will benefit from our furry friends. When our current solar expansion is complete early next year, Tampa Electric will have about 7 percent of its energy generated from the sun – the highest percentage of solar generation of any utility in the state.

In several weeks, we’ll bid “happy tails” to Lamb Cam, once lamb season is over. If you missed it last year, now’s your chance: Go out on a lamb and watch it. It will be fun wool it lasts.

Tampa Electric, one of Florida’s largest investor-owned electric utilities, serves about 765,000 customers in West Central Florida. Tampa Electric is a subsidiary of Emera Inc., a geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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