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Surges Spike During Storm Season — Zap Cap System® Provides Year-Round Surge Protection

TAMPA, August 19, 1998

Predictions are that an active storm season is in store for the Tampa Bay area, which means an increased number of high-voltage surges that often damage home electronics and appliances.

Zap Cap System, Tampa Electric's complete year-round surge suppressor system for homes and businesses, is designed to absorb high-voltage surges that may enter a home or business facility through telephone, cable TV and electric lines.

While nothing can guarantee protection against a direct lightning strike, Zap Cap is a comprehensive surge suppression system.

  • Zap Cap System® for Home offers homeowners and apartment renters two layers of surge suppression ‚ a primary unit installed near the electric meter and plug-in protectors used inside the home.

    Zap Cap can help shield major appliances like washers, dryers, water heaters, even heating and cooling systems; and electronic equipment such as televisions, VCRs, computers, fax machines, security systems.

    And, now, residents throughout West Central Florida can instantly order Zap Cap or download warranty information online.

    The primary unit will be installed within five working days and Tampa Electric will conveniently include the monthly Zap Cap fee as a line item on electric bills. Non-Tampa Electric customers can also lease Zap Cap and will be billed separately.
  • Zap Cap System® for Business is available to help protect company computers, programmable equipment, industrial machinery and more.

    A custom-designed surge protection system is tailored for unique business needs. Complete installation and maintenance of the entire system is included in a convenient monthly fee.

For more information on Tampa Electric's Zap Cap System for Home, call toll-free 1-800-770-8227. To find out about Zap Cap System for Business, call toll-free 1-877-588-1010. Internet users can travel to

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