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Manatee Viewing Center Recognized at the Gulf Guardian Awards

TAMPA, July 24, 2004

The Manatee Viewing Center was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Gulf of Mexico program offices during the annual Gulf Guardian Awards Program. The Gulf of Mexico Program is dedicated to finding and applying environmental solutions that work in concert with sound economic development. This includes working to protect the 1.8 million square miles that make up the waters of the gulf. The Manatee Viewing Center--unique in its location on Tampa Bay, which flows directly into the gulf--submitted applications for both the Environmental Educator Docent Program and its Manatee Madness Exhibit. Both projects promote interactive, hands-on environmental education, not only about manatees but about other wildlife including endangered species, plant, fish and bird life, and safe usage of our waterways and habitats.

Cheryl Johnson, environmental specialist for Tampa Electric, manages the Environmental Education Docent Program, said praise was due fto the volunteers who work to make the program a success. In addition, she said, "The Manatee Madness exhibit was a collaborative effort with Tampa Electric's Corporate Communications department and has been well received in the community. It will be a valuable educational tool in the Mantee Museum at the Manatee Viewing Center during manatee season."

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