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Our tree trimming experts are at your service

TAMPA, May 5, 2006

Tampa Electric is committed to preserving and protecting our area's natural resources. Our Line Clearance program is just one of the ways Tampa Electric shows its commitment to preserving the environment.

Our contracted crews are specially trained to work around power lines and trim the trees in accordance with nationally accepted pruning standards which promote a tree's natural healing process once trimming is completed.

Trimming limbs away from power lines is key to our ability to continually provide you with safe and reliable electric service. These activities have greatly reduced the number and length of tree-related power outages.

Besides improving the appearance of our neighborhoods, trees serve other useful purposes such as conserving energy, and keeping our homes and businesses cooler during the summer months.

Through continued partnerships, we can all ensure that the richness of our natural surroundings will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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