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State Farm Insurance® suggests Zap Cap Systems® Surge Protection to its customers

TAMPA, June 18, 2003

Zap Cap Systems®, Tampa Electric’s full-service surge protection program, receives high-profile attention from State Farm® in a letter from the insurance giant to its customers suggesting they consider Zap Cap Systems® for their surge protection needs. State Farm® customers benefit by getting a free Zap Cap Systems® plug-in protector if they order the program before October 31, 2003.

The letter was mailed the week of June 2nd to more than 44,000 customers, affording widespread exposure for Zap Cap Systems® as Florida slides into storm season. This is when the majority of damaging lightning strikes occur throughout the region, which have the potential to damage or ruin household electronic items.

“While State Farm® is not strictly promoting Zap Cap Systems®, this is a unique opportunity for us to show a number of people out there who may not have adequate surge protection on their homes that we exist as a viable choice for their needs,” said Zap Cap Systems® program manager.

Zap Cap Systems®, which sees 65 percent of its business during the June -- September storm season, includes a primary unit installed behind the meter that helps protect major non-electronic, motor-driven appliances. Zap Cap Systems® can be purchased online at A separate online form allows Zap Cap customers to purchase additional plug-in protectors as needed.

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