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Customers play a role in restoring service

TAMPA, August 14, 2004

Tampa Electric's storm plan relies on teams of employees patrolling the electric system to identify problems. Employee and customer safety is our priority.

Customers can enhance these efforts by observing the following guidelines:

  • Stay away from any downed power lines. These lines may still be energized. If so, they are dangerous. All persons should avoid any contact with any downed line or any object, such as a tree branch, fence or vehicle that has come
    in contact with a downed power line.
  • To report a power outage or downed power lines, please contact the company immediately at (813) 223-0800 in Hillsborough County, (863)-299-0800 in Polk County or 1-888-223-0800 (toll-free) all other counties and out-of-state.
    Please be aware that due to storm impact on the area's communications infrastructure, it may be difficult to reach Tampa Electric immediately.
  • If either a portable or permanently installed emergency generator is connected to your home’s electrical system, use a throw-over switch (consult with a licensed electrical contractor). This is important because if it is not done, the generator will backfeed electricity to power lines that may be down in a neighbor's yard or a line that is being repaired by one of our utility crews. This can cause a fatal electrical shock to someone in the neighborhood, or to a
    utility worker.

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