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Use the interactive MVC Webcam West

The Manatee Viewing Center Webcam West, which sits high above the center's gardens and boardwalks, will be operational through the end of the center's open season on April 15. Simply follow the instructions below to take control of the camera and see plant life, wildlife, and – when the water temperature drops below 68 degrees Fahrenheit – manatees.

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Instructions: Simply click on the camera image to request control. Once you have control, you will have two minutes to use the camera before control goes to the next person waiting in line. If no one else is in the queue, you will be able to direct the camera until someone else requests use.

Direct the camera's view as follows: to zoom in, use the slider bar along the left side of the image. To swivel the camera left or right, use the slider bar along the bottom of the image. You can also direct the camera by clicking on the spot within the camera's viewscreen where you want to focus. (Please allow a moment for the camera controls to respond to your commands.) Click on the "Snap" button to take a photo of your view that you can e-mail to friends.

Now you're ready to use the Manatee Viewing Center Webcam. Enjoy!

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