Solar Calculator

Use the calculator below to determine the approximate cost and potential energy savings of a solar panel system (also referred to as a photovoltaic or "PV" system).

The Florida Solar Energy Center offers tips on solar water heater installations on its Web site along with an online calculator that will help you determine if the installation of a solar water heater would be beneficial to your family.

Solar Calculator

Select options below to configure the PV installation. Additionally, indicate if utility rebate dollars and federal tax credits should be deducted from the final cost of the system.



Average cost to install PV system per kW:

Estimated monthly generation per kW of PV installed:
131.40 kWh

Estimated electricity savings per kWh:

Roof space required for system per kW of PV installed:
100 sq. ft.

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* Additional Information:
  • Dependent on several factors, including accessibility, type and system size, the cost for solar panels typically ranges from $2500 to $4000 per kW in Tampa Electric's service territory.
  • Utility rebate funds are no longer available.
  • A 30 percent investment tax credit is available if eligible (without limit). This amount is calculated after any other rebates or incentives are applied.
  • Does not include ongoing operating and maintenance costs or finance charges.
  • Does not take into account accelerated depreciation.
  • Unshaded south facing roof is recommended for maximum sun exposure.
  • Check your electric bill to find out how many kWh your home or business uses in a month.
** Years to recover investment
  • This calculation is intended as a simple payback analysis. Factors such as depreciation, loss of efficiency, maintenance cost, increased electricity cost, etc. are not included.
  • The calculation is based on the typical residential electricity rate. Commercial customers should check their electric bill to determine their savings per kWh.
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