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Battery Storage

As battery technology improves and costs decrease, customers are installing battery storage systems that can provide temporary power to their home or business. A typical system consists of one or more storage batteries and battery chargers (including inverters, converters, and associated electrical equipment) that are connected to, and operate in parallel with Tampa Electric's electrical system.

Because battery storage systems operate in parallel with our electric system, we must have safeguards in place to protect our workers from dangerous "backfeed" of electricity. Backfeed poses a serious electrical shock hazard to crews working on powerlines that can lead to serious injury or death of a worker.

To ensure these safeguards are in place, Tampa Electric requires all customers who install a battery storage system to complete and sign a Florida Public Service Commission-approved standard interconnection agreement for interconnected customer-owned battery subsystems of one kilowatt (kW) or more.

Here are some of the important customer requirements listed in the interconnection agreement:

  • If your home or business is rented, both the homeowner and each renter must sign a standard interconnection agreement:
  • Provide Tampa Electric with proof of general liability insurance for personal and property damage requirements.
  • Install a visible isolation switch readily accessible and capable of being locked in the open position with a utility padlock (please submit a photograph of the switch with your interconnect agreement).
    • Tampa Electric will pay a one-time reimbursement on a switch that is at or below 15 kilowatt AC maximum capacity. See tariff PDF Icon for details.
  • The battery system cannot export power to Tampa Electric's electrical system for more than 100 milliseconds upon interruption of utility supplied electric service before it isolates electrically.
  • The installed battery storage system must be inspected and approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Tampa Electric must inspect and approved prior to placing into parallel operation.

Please email or mail via U.S. Postal Service, the completed standard interconnection agreement for interconnected customer-owned battery subsystems, photograph of the isolation switch and all other required documents to:

Complete and submit the appropriate application to Tampa Electric.

Please mail a check for the interconnection fee to:

Attention: EMS Team – P-5
Tampa Electric
P.O. Box 172479
Tampa, FL 33672

Upon receipt of required documentation, an inspection of your system and meter set will be scheduled by a Tampa Electric representative to ensure proper interconnection. If the installation passes inspection, Tampa Electric will replace your traditional meter with a bi-directional net meter so you can begin operating your system. Please note that many contractors require "permission to operate" notification prior to operation of your system. Tampa Electric will email your signed Interconnection Agreement to you and your contractor indicating your system is ready for operation.

Additional questions?

To speak with a representative about your battery and/or solar installation, call Tampa Electric on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 813-635-1500 or email

For questions about your billing statement, net meter access, net meters and our interconnection application system, call Tampa Electric's Energy Management Services Team on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 813-275-3909.

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