We're Committed to Sustainability and Affordability

Tampa Electric is built on a foundation of more than 120 years of history of providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to homes and businesses in Tampa Bay. We are so grateful to be your trusted energy partner.

We are proud that our commitments to you include:

  • Becoming cleaner and greener, while keeping rates affordable for the long-term
  • Modernizing our plants and grid for a smarter energy future
  • Focusing on your needs, as well as our growing community

Tampa Electric is committed to reducing emissions and installing more renewable energy. We are Florida's top producer of solar energy per customer, and we're not stopping. We've installed 600 megawatts of solar power – enough to serve 100,000 homes – and we're already working on the next 600. And by 2023, our carbon reductions will equate to the removal of more than 1 million cars from local roadways. Long-term, as we continue to shift power generation to solar, our investments will help drive down the cost of fuel and other costs on bills.

We are upgrading our grid and modernizing our equipment to improve reliability – to keep your power on longer and to repair it faster during outages. We are building a modern grid that provides advanced communication and control capabilities with smart meters. And we're modernizing the Big Bend Power Station to operate more efficiently and to reduce emissions, which helps us keep bills affordable and become cleaner and greener.

We are keeping our customers' convenience at the forefront. We are upgrading our digital channels, to make it easier and faster to do business with us – when and where you want.

We are focused on meeting the demands of a growing population. As the trusted energy partner of West Central Florida, it is vital to ensure we are prepared for the infrastructure investments and upgrades needed to meet growing demand in one of the nation's fastest growing states.

And we remain a strong community partner, by providing utility bill assistance for customers who are struggling financially. We are empathetic to customers who are facing hardships, which is why we developed programs and partnerships to offer utility bill payment support for those in need.

We remain committed to investing in our community while providing you with safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy every day.