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Investing in lower carbon and long-term affordability


Planning for a Cleaner, Smarter, Brighter and Affordable Energy Future

We know you value the safe, reliable electricity that keeps your household and businesses running, and we're proud to be your trusted energy-solutions partner today – and in the future. Our proposed rates PDF Icon will allow us to generate more clean, green energy, modernize our plants and grid and make it easier for you to do business with us – when and where you want. Under the proposal, bills would remain below the national average.

You can read more about our proposal here. Benefits include:

Reducing carbon emissions and lowering fuel costs on customer bills

  • We are transitioning our power plants away from coal to lower carbon-emitting fuels PDF Icon, such as natural gas, increasing efficiency and lowering fuel costs on customer bills.
  • Since 2013, we've reduced coal use by more than 90 percent with more progress ahead. That includes the Big Bend modernization project, which by 2023 will include state-of-the-art combined-cycle technology that eliminates coal as the fuel for Unit 1.
  • We also are retiring Big Bend Units 2 and 3 early. For the manatee lovers out there, the manatees in the Big Bend discharge canal will not be affected by these retirements.

Generating more renewable energy, as Florida's top producer of solar energy per customer

  • With our expansion of solar energy, we are further reducing carbon dioxide emissions. By 2023, the amount will equate to the removal of more than 1 million cars from local roadways.
  • Currently, our solar projects power more than 100,000 homes, businesses and even schools with the sun. When we complete our next wave of solar projects, nearly 14 percent of our energy will be generated with solar power – the highest percentage of solar generation of any utility in the state – enough to power more than 200,000 homes.
  • Long-term, as we continue to shift power generation to solar, our investments will help protect customers from fuel price volatility, and lower fuel costs on customers' bills.
  • The ability to meet the demands of a growing population.
  • With more than 20 million residents, Florida is one of the nation's fastest-growing states, and the Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor is its fastest-growing area.
  • As the trusted energy partner of West Central Florida, it is vital to ensure we are prepared for the infrastructure investments and upgrades needed to meet growing demand.

Improving reliability

  • Reliability is important to our customers. To continue delivering safe and reliable service, we must continuously update and modernize our grid and equipment to keep the power on longer and to repair it faster during outages, while keeping pace with the booming growth in West Central Florida.
  • We also remain focused on better protection from severe weather and cyber threats.
  • A continued focus on being an energy-solutions partner that cares for the community
  • We are dedicated to giving back to the community, which is why we offer customers more energy-efficiency programs than any other electric utility in the state, helping to reduce energy consumption, saving customers money and helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
  • We will continue to design our rates so it remains less expensive to consume electricity under 1000 kilowatt-hours (kwh) in a month, which will greatly benefit our low-income customers.
  • As we move forward, we will continue to work hard to support the communities we serve, developing more programs and partnerships that deliver significant value and contribute to a strong and sustainable energy future for all.

Household Expense Increases Chart

Empowering customers through technology

  • We are working on a multi-year project to build a smarter grid that delivers safe, more reliable and affordable energy to our customers.
  • Through smart technology, every customer will experience improved outage detection and restoration capabilities. It will allow customers to monitor their energy use through their mobile devices, with usage data and usage alerts that help them make smarter choices and save money PDF Icon.
  • We are replacing streetlights and area lights with smart LED technology throughout our service areas, which use less energy, reduce carbon emissions and are better for the environment. These lights will automatically notify us when they are out for a quicker repair, helping our communities stay well-lit and safe.

Making it easier for customers to do business with us

  • Digital enhancements will give the customer more convenience and choice PDF Icon, such as self-service offerings like a new chat function.
  • A suite of online tools will help commercial customers better manage and compare their rate options and energy usage, allowing them to make better decisions for their business.
  • We are making significant upgrades to our website, which will make accounts easier to manage on any device, as well as automate some processes, leading to an easier and more effortless experience for everyone.
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