We're Committed to Bringing Value to our Residential Customers

We know you value the safe, reliable electricity you use in your home every day.

Tampa Electric is committed to being your trusted energy-solutions partner now and in the future. To fulfill that commitment, we are investing in the production of more clean, green energy, driving reliability with the modernization our plants and electric grid and making it easier and faster for customers to do business with us – when and where they want.

Residential Cost Increases Chart

Helping you save

We are dedicated to giving back to the community, which is why we offer customers more energy-efficiency programs than any other electric utility in the state, helping to reduce energy consumption, saving customers money and helping the environment. Here are some ways we can help you manage your energy usage and spending:

We're here for you

We are focused on being an energy-solutions partner that cares for the community. We understand that customers may be facing financial hardships and we are here to help. In 2020 and 2021, our Share program helped nearly 5,700 customers pay electric and natural gas bills, thanks in part to previous donations totaling $1.7 million during those years. Our latest addition to these efforts will result in $2.7 million to help customers.

If you need support, we offer assistance programs as well as flexible payment arrangements.