Report an outage

Report an outage

To report an outage, you will need your phone number, 12-digit account number or 6-digit meter number. Your account and meter numbers can be found on your monthly billing statement.

Help us serve you better by updating your contact information (phone numbers and email address). Our automated system will match your information to your service address when you call or go online to report an outage.

Choose from any of these convenient options to report the outage:
  • Log into, and report your outage with one click; or
  • Report your outage online using your phone number, account number or meter number; or
  • *Text OUT to 35069; or
  • Call our automated system at 877-588-1010.

*If the phone number you enter is not recognized in our system, you may text OUT followed by your account number or meter number. For example: OUT212000000000 or OUTAB1234. Message and data rates may apply.

Important safety message

If you experience an electrical outage or you are disconnected for any reason, please turn off all electric appliances. Remove any flammable materials from stove-top heating elements and other appliances that may activate or produce heat once electric service is reconnected. For added safety, turn off your main breaker. If you have questions, contact Customer Care at 888-223-0800 weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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