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Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our Zap Cap Systems® customers have to say:

Before my wife and I purchased Zap Cap, we were replacing TVs, phones and other electronic equipment all the time. I know Zap Cap has saved us hundreds of dollars over the years. I also had Tampa Electric install weatherstripping, compact fluorescent light bulbs and other energy-saving items as part of its free Neighborhood Weatherization program. Now that my home is more energy efficiency, I'm able to set my thermostat higher which helps reduce my electric bill. People tend to take utilities for granted and do not think about the value Tampa Electric delivers day in and day out. Thank you for this."

Albert (Bud) G., Tampa

Our dryer master motherboard was damaged. I called Zap Cap and was referred to Meter treater. Claim forms were completed. Within a few days we received a check for the full amount of the replacement and repair of the motherboard! Thank you! We are pleased!"

Lenard W., Wesley Chapel

We have used Zap Cap since 2006, and I love the security of knowing that my major appliances and A/C are protected from surges through the meter. For approximately $100 per year, I get to put my mind at ease. I had to put in one claim since and TECO handled it very professionally. Thank you TECO!"

Bob A., Lithia

About surges

Did you know a high-voltage surge can be caused by a squirrel? We work with environmental experts to protect birds and other animals by researching new ways to prevent them from coming into contact with power lines.

Occasionally, they do make contact and a surge occurs. Weather, tree limbs and automobile accidents involving utility poles also can cause surges.

High-voltage surges can enter your home through electric lines, telephone wires or your cable TV wiring.

About flickers

A momentary interruption or a "flicker" can last up to a few seconds and is usually caused by a short circuit. Like surges, short circuits occur when something – such as an animal or a tree limb–comes in contact with power lines. When this happens, a breaker automatically deenergizes the circuit and causes an interruption to your service.

Did you know that these flickers actually help prevent longer power outages? Special electrical equipment is designed to quickly open and close the breaker in separate attempts to clear the problem, which is why you might experience a series of flickers at your home.

More Customer Testimonials

Several times before we signed up for Zap Cap in 1999, we had problems with surges. Since then, we have never had a problem all this time. We feel very safe and grateful that we have Zap Cap."

Louise L., Sun City Center

Good news! Zap Cap saved my house last year!"

Martha S., Brandon

I was really grateful because the Zap Cap Systems manufacturer stood behind the warranty (up to $100,000), which pays for lost appliances and electrical equipment. Also, the Tampa Electric Zap Cap Systems professional who came out to my house was wonderful, and he kept me updated through the entire claims process. I was very happy because it all was done in a timely manner."

Iris A., Tampa

After the power surge, I was sure that my appliances and electronics would be damaged or lost. But I was fortunate because I had signed up for Zap Cap Systems the month before the event, and my electronics were not harmed."

Tammi B., Tampa

I am very happy, not to mention grateful to have Zap Cap. My home's electronics were saved due to Zap Cap protection!"

Vickie M., Tampa

Since having Zap Cap installed, we have had very limited problems. It is definitely doing its job!"

Ronald B., Riverview

I'm very happy with the Zap Cap program. I've been a loyal TECO customer for 20+ years and on the program since 2011."

Terry W., Tampa