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"I am so happy that I signed up for Energy Planner. I automatically saw an impact on my bill and being enrolled empowered me to proactively take control of my energy use. I am very satisfied with the Energy Planner program."

Laura K., Tampa

"At first I was skeptical. Does it really work? So I said to myself, "It won't hurt to try it." I am happy to share that I'm saving about $100 a month on my electric bill. Plus I was able to take advantage of Tampa Electric's Ceiling Insulation rebate that was recommended by the analyst that came to my home. Woo Hoo!"

Noemi P., Tampa

"I've had Energy Planner for almost two years and I love it. I am buying a new house soon and I will definitely get it installed again. My electric bills are so much lower than they used to be."

Daniel, Tampa

"I just had Energy Planner installed at my home. The electricians who performed the installation (Buddy and Steve) took the time to explain the work they needed to perform and reminded me that I would experience a brief service interruption when the new meter was installed. I'm happy to share that the installation was performed flawlessly. I also want to compliment Keri, Tampa Electric's Energy Planner technician. Keri was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. Like the installers, Keri took the time to show me how to use the Web portal and programmable thermostat to program my appliances. She also shared other suggestions that will help me maximize my annual savings."

Jeff, Tampa

"Our Energy Planner experience has been great. We use the free online Web portal to set the optimal temperature inside our home. And knowing when lower rates are available allows us to plan and save when using our washer, dryer and dishwasher. We are saving on our electric bill and love the ability to access and adjust our settings online, even when we're away from home."

Evan E., Oldsmar

"When my husband and I decided to sign up for the free Energy Planner program, we never realized how beneficial it could be. Energy Planner puts us in control of our energy use! We program our appliances and thermostat settings over the Internet. I am a TECO retiree and have always taken advantage of Tampa Electric's various programs. This is by far an excellent one. I was surprised to see a former student clerk (Keri) arrive to perform the installation. She offered professionalism and expertise."

Carol W., Tampa

"My wife and I signed up for Energy Planner over 2 years ago and we're very pleased to be saving 10 to 15 percent on electricity. Using the supplied smart thermostat is really easy and allows us to set temperature settings to get the best rate and it's even compatible with our new super-efficient AC unit that has a 2-stage compressor and variable-speed air handler. We program our dishwasher and water heater for max savings. And online tracking helps us keep track of our energy use by day, week and month. Get it!"

Edwin C., Tampa

"If your home doesn't have the Energy Planner program, call Tampa Electric to schedule your appointment today! In addition to saving money on our electric bill, we're conserving electricity too. We use the program's Web portal to program our heating & cooling system and pool pump with the click of a mouse, whether we're at home or away. When Tampa Electric performs the installation, they'll show you how to use the Web portal to program your appliances and save money on your electric bill."

Diana S., Brandon

"Tampa Electric's Energy Planner program is exceptional. I have seen a 51% decrease in my electric bill over four months. I not only appreciate the amount of savings I am experiencing, but also the wealth of knowledge I have gained in learning about energy conservation. I highly recommend that Tampa Electric customers take advantage of as many aspects of the Energy Planner program as they can. Tampa Electric's Energy Planner team excels in educating consumers and they provide outstanding customer service."

Susan C., Tampa

"After a year of putting it off, we recently decided to get on the Energy Planner. Why not? Especially now that the holidays are coming up. What better time to save money within your household? All at your fingertips! Most people would freak out about forgetting to set up everything before leaving on vacation but in our case, we can easily log in and adjust our thermostat without having to be home. We're amazed at how simple the functionalities are and how much savings they actually bring!"

L.F., Valrico

"We had the energy planner installed in 2011 and the system was recently upgraded by Tampa Electric. Works great. We are saving money every month and as a bonus we had more insulation added to the attic at little cost to us. The technicians that came to our house were very professional and neat. I highly recommend it."

Dave L., Tampa

"An Energy Audit two years ago became an energy saving mission! Energy Planner has successfully lowered my home's energy usage and cost. Not only does it cause me to be consciously aware of the amount of energy I'm using, but also how I am using it. This education has made my energy costs more manageable. Every person I have worked with, from the auditor, to the planners, to the ductwork sealers have been outstanding. I am completely satisfied with Energy Planner and highly recommend it!"

Susan C., Plant City

"We recently had the Energy Planner installed and, so far, everything has worked wonderfully. We are noticing the difference in our electric bill and our electric usage. What a great program. It's so easy to use the Web portal. Everyone should participate in this program!"

Alana B. & Stan T., Tampa

"We have been on the Energy Program for more than five years. It has been the best single thing we have ever done to save money and electricity at our home. The installers did a superb job and took extra time to show us how to use the Web portal. We also took advantage of Tampa Electric's Ductwork program and even received a rebate to add insulation in our attic. Do not wait to have Energy Planner installed! My wife and I could not be happier with the program."

Steven & Frances P., Tampa

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