LED Benefits

LEDs offer many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Energy savings – LEDs use up to 60 percent less energy and require less maintenance than conventional lighting.
  • Performance – LEDs minimize glare and capture the authentic colors of objects lit at night. They also achieve full brightness almost instantly and offer very precise control over lighting patterns. Long life – LEDs can operate up to five times longer than conventional lighting.
  • Environmentally friendly – LEDs contain no harmful substances such as mercury. They are dark-sky friendly because they focus light on the lighting target, generating less stray light pollution. The LED upgrade will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 80,000 metric tons per year.
Streetlight Maintenance
Why we're installing "smart LEDs"

Beginning in early 2019, each new LED will be equipped with an advanced photocell – making it a "smart LED" – resulting in more benefits to you. For example, if a streetlight goes out today, Tampa Electric is not aware until it is reported by a concerned citizen or a Tampa Electric technician conducting a routine inspection. However, with smart LED lights, Tampa Electric will automatically be notified when the light requires attention. This means quicker restoration of your lights so they can get back to keeping your home, street, or business safe.

Check out this LED Upgrade video to learn more.
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