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Stay plugged in with Zap Cap Systems® Premium Service – advanced surge protection and back-up power for your home.

When power issues like surges, momentary outages and flickers affect your home, it can be frustrating – not to mention expensive with the possible damage to the appliances and equipment you rely on every day.

Protect your time and investment in major appliances and sensitive electronics with a double layer of defense, Zap Cap Systems.

How it works

Your Zap Cap Systems package can be customized to include surge protection and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The surge protection system works to divert most of the surge energy at the main service line, while providing additional protection from residual voltage inside your home.

The first layer of surge protection is a primary unit installed behind or near your electric meter, designed to absorb a large amount of transient surges before they enter your home's wiring.

Sophisticated plug-in protectors are the second layer of protection, safeguarding your sensitive electronics. If momentary outages or flickers threaten your wi-fi connection, digital video recording device or other sensitive electronics, outfit your system with UPS that provides surge protection AND battery back-up to isolated equipment.

Additional benefits

Your Zap Cap Systems package will also include the following at no additional charge:

  • An annual inspection of your equipment upon request
  • Year-round, full-service maintenance on your equipment
  • Replacement of all damaged surge protection equipment
  • UPS consultation and installation
  • Manufacturers' warranties for protected items

For more information call toll free 877 SURGE 22 (877-787-4322).

About surges

Did you know a high-voltage surge can be caused by a squirrel? We work with environmental experts to protect birds and other animals by researching new ways to prevent them from coming into contact with power lines.

Occasionally, they do make contact and a surge occurs. Weather, tree limbs and automobile accidents involving utility poles also can cause surges.

High-voltage surges can enter your home through electric lines, telephone wires or your cable TV wiring.

About flickers

A momentary interruption or a "flicker" can last up to a few seconds and is usually caused by a short circuit. Like surges, short circuits occur when something – such as an animal or a tree limb–comes in contact with power lines. When this happens, a breaker automatically deenergizes the circuit and causes an interruption to your service.

Did you know that these flickers actually help prevent longer power outages? Special electrical equipment is designed to quickly open and close the breaker in separate attempts to clear the problem, which is why you might experience a series of flickers at your home.

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