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Outage Map

Power outages within our service area*
Clock Map data updated every 10 minutes, last updated: 8/23/17 1:56 AM
Number of customers affected by outage:
  • Red Large
  • Red Medium
  • Red Small
  • Red Very Small
  • Service Area Service Area

Percentage of customers with power

Number of customers without power:
* This information is an estimation of outages and locations within our service area.
Power out?

We have 3 ways for you to let us know:

  • Call 1-877-588-1010,
  • Report your outage online, or
  • Text OUT to 35069
Want updates?
  • Text UPDATE to 35069 after you report your outage
  • Bookmark the Outage Map to monitor outages. You can learn the cause and restoration status in addition to the number of customers affected and the estimated restoration time.
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