Smart devices show promise in reducing outages


At Tampa Electric, we’re focused on providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to our customers. Thankfully, new smart technology can help us minimize outage impacts and speed restoration – so we can provide even more reliable energy.

One smart new tool, Fault Location Isolation Service Restoration (FLISR), consists of smart devices that work a lot like how a GPS quickly redirects traffic around reported accidents. When installed on the electric grid, these smart devices help to automatically identify problems, and an operator remotely isolates and redirects the electric flow around the issue all without having to send a technician into the field.  Additionally, these devices help us better locate where the problem is - so when our troubleshooters do head into the field, they can get straight to fixing the issue, saving time and restoring power faster.

Often referred to as self-healing technology, it’s been a game-changer. Where we’ve installed FLISR technology so far, customers have seen a 60-70 percent reduction in outages and momentary flickers to-date in 2022.

We’re excited about the promising reliability results we've seen so far and look forward to continuing to improve our 99.9 percent outage reliability for customers. So just like your holiday light string can now target the bulb that’s out – soon our electric grid will also quickly identify the problem and reroute our service around it. Now that’s smart.