Medical Watch

Our Medical Watch program identifies residential customers who use electrically powered or natural gas supplied, life-sustaining equipment.

Participation in the Medical Watch program does not provide priority restoration. The program does not automatically extend service payment options, nor does it guarantee uninterrupted electric or natural gas service.

The objective of the Medical Watch program is to encourage customers to notify us of their situations so that special procedures can be implemented when:

  • Disconnection of customer electric and natural gas service is required in response to bill non-payment;
  • Planned service interruptions must occur for power line or natural gas equipment maintenance.

To qualify, the patient residing at the customer of record's address must:

  • Be dependent upon electrically powered or natural gas supplied medical equipment to sustain life;
  • Be certified as eligible by his or her Florida-licensed attending physician.

Note: Customers are solely responsible for any backup equipment or power supply. We recommend that customers have a well-planned course of action in the event of an interruption of electric or natural gas service.

Contact us to apply for participation in the Medical Watch program:

813-225-5051 (Hillsborough County)
863-298-6051 (Polk County)
888-223-0800 (All other counties & out-of-state).

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