Time-of-Day Service for small business customers

Your electric bill can be affected by when you use electricity, and how much you use. With the voluntary Time-of-Day Service, small business customers will pay less for electricity used during off-peak hours – but more during periods of peak electricity demand.

Time-of-Day Service benefits customers who can shift much of their electrical usage to certain off-peak hours. If you sign up for Time-of-Day Service, a meter designed to measure usage during peak and off-peak hours will record the electricity you use during each hour of the day. The electricity you use during off-peak hours will be billed at a lower off-peak rate. However, electricity used during peak hours will cost substantially more per kilowatt-hour than you are paying at your present rate. The monthly customer charge for Time-of-Day Service is $22.16 compared to $19.94 for standard service, and would be offset by your energy cost savings.

For more information, download the Time-of-Day brochure.