What's on your bill

Each month, you'll see three charges on your electric bill:

  1. Basic Service Charge
  2. Energy Charge
  3. Fuel Charge
Here's how we determine those charges:
Basic Service Charge

Our monthly Basic Service Charge covers the cost of maintaining your electric meter and the wires that bring electrical service to your home or business. It also covers the cost of reading the meter, maintaining customer records and accounting for bill payments, credit and other transactions. Every customer incurs this charge – even if electricity isn't used during the month.

Energy Charge

The monthly Energy Charge includes all other costs of producing the electricity you purchase, except fuel. This includes conservation, environmental and capacity cost recovery charges.

Fuel Charge

The monthly Fuel Charge translates to the cost of fuel used to produce your electricity. Fuel costs are passed through from our fuel suppliers to our customers with no markup. Depending on the programs you participate in, you may see other items on your bill such as Zap Cap Systems®, Renewable Energy, Outdoor Lighting, Share and others. View items on the back of your bill. 

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About Bill Estimating

In some cases, we rely on an estimate based on past customer electricity usage. Meter estimation is used by electric utilities across the country. Each month, when we can't read a meter for some reason, we have to estimate.

When estimating meters, we use a multi-step calculation that takes into account your prior electric usage as well as recent weather impacts. This helps us to make an accurate estimate when a physical reading is not possible.

Any needed corrections will be reflected in your bill once an actual meter reading occurs, which is typically the month after a meter estimation.

Customers who want more control over seasonal variability in their electric bill may want to consider using energy-saving practices in their home. There are many things you can do at home to help reduce energy costs.