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Our Power System

About Electricity

View our interactive diagram to see how electricity is generated and distributed.

About Your Rates

Learn more about your rates and power costs.

Power Generation

Tampa Electric owns and operates four power stations that produce nearly 4,700 megawatts of capacity. In addition, we are investing more than $50 million in solar. Learn more about our power generation technology.

Current Projects

View our list of current projects that range from maintenance to existing infrastructure to the engineering and installation of new transmission and distribution systems.

Tree Trimming

We balance our commitment to reliable service with the health of the trees we must trim near power lines.

Retail Tariff Book

Learn more about the rates, rules and regulations and other information as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission.

About Your Meter

Everything you need to know about your meter and advanced meter technology.

Rights of Way

Our rights of way must be maintained to allow access for constructing and maintenance of power lines and other electrical infrastructure.