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Energy Audit

Tampa Electric's comprehensive Energy Audit is designed to show you how your business can use energy more efficiently and save on your electric bill. Schedule with one of our professionally certified energy analysts for an overview of how smart energy usage can be incorporated into the way your business runs.

Our analyst will walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you, informing you of the many rebates and incentive programs available from Tampa Electric. In addition, we can help you set up an ISO 50001 certified energy management program. All of our commercial team members are nationally certified through professional energy societies for their demonstrated knowledge and expertise in energy management. New construction projects do not qualify to receive an Energy Audit.

Select from the following two audits:
  • Free Energy Audit: When you sign up for a free Energy Audit, a Tampa Electric energy expert will evaluate energy-consuming equipment at your facility. They will recommend low-cost/no-cost measures, as well as measures with longer paybacks, that will help you use energy more efficiently. The on-site analysis takes about two hours. Larger facilities may require additional time.

    Our analyst will follow up with a detailed report of energy saving opportunities along with billings history, energy usage graphs, energy usage and cost forecasting, as well as benchmarking and greenhouse gas emissions information.

  • Paid Energy Audit: Our paid Energy Audit is primarily designed for facilities with more than 100,000 square feet or 500 kilowatt demand. These facilities can include, but are not limited to, large office complexes, manufacturing plants and hospitals. Many smaller facilities have taken advantage of this audit to determine the actual energy and power consumption of individual systems and processes. We'll discuss and recommend energy measures included in the free energy audit.

    As part of the paid audit, we will sub-meter and monitor* up to two pieces of equipment or monitoring points over a one month period and time-of-use monitoring on two other pieces of equipment to determine actual operating hours. We'll include a facility assessment to inventory your equipment's efficiencies as compared to standard building codes, and provide a prioritized strategic plan to move forward with implementing energy and demand saving projects and recommendations. The fee for the paid Energy Audit is provided before the audit begins and is based on the rate and size of your facility and scope of equipment monitoring necessary to complete the audit.

    *Monitoring is only available on equipment or panels ≤ 480 volts.
How to participate

Complete the online form Secure Form Icon to request a commercial energy audit. Our energy experts will conduct thorough on-site evaluations and offer numerous recommendations on energy use and efficiency.

You may also call 813-275-3909 to schedule an energy audit.

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