Service for apartments and multi-unit housing

Apartments and other multi-unit communities require service transfers between property owner and tenant. If you are a property manager, builder or realtor, use the online form to submit units/addresses that Tampa Electric will turn electric service on or off in your community's name.

Tampa Electric requires a security deposit for each unit before activating service. Also, there is a $28 service charge for new service.

Security Deposit

Tampa Electric requires a security deposit to secure an account for each unit before activating service. If your complex participates in one of the following options, Tampa Electric will waive the deposit. Please note that that until the selected option is approved, the deposit charge will remain on your account.

  • Do Not Seal program
  • Irrevocable letter of credit from a banking institution
  • Surety Bond from an insurance company
Service Turn On - $28 charge

There is a $28 service charge to turn on service for units that did not previously have electric service. The service charge will appear on your first bill. This fee is waived if your account is on Tampa Electric's Do Not Seal program.*

  • Do not seal participants will be charged $28 for a service turn on if:
  • The occupant(s) don't move in and Tampa Electric reads the meter to turn service back on in the community's name.
  • The meter has been disconnected for non-payment.

For information about the Do Not Seal program call the Business & Industry team, 813-228-1010 (Hillsborough County), or from outside Hillsborough County, 866-TECOBIZ or (866)-832-6249.