Backup Power When You Need It

Keep the power on at all times with Zap Cap Systems® – advanced surge protection and backup power for your home.

Stay protected against outages and power surges

When power issues like surges, momentary outages and flickers affect your home, it can be frustrating – and expensive. Zap Cap Systems keeps you and your major appliances protected.

How it works

The Zap Cap Systems surge protection primary unit is installed at your home to protect your air conditioning system, dishwasher and other major appliances. It's installed behind or near your electric meter, and is designed to absorb a large amount of transient surges before they enter your home's wiring. The primary unit is owned and maintained by Tampa Electric and cannot be tampered with in any way. A monthly maintenance fee of $7.95, plus tax, is conveniently added to your electric bill to cover any unit upkeep or replacement.

The second layer of protection features sophisticated plug-in protectors that help safeguard your sensitive electronics. If momentary outages or flickers threaten your wi-fi connection, digital video recording device or other sensitive electronics, outfit your system with a UPS that provides surge protection AND battery backup to isolated equipment.

Learn about our coverage options.

Additional benefits

Your Zap Cap Systems package will also include the following at no additional charge:

  • An annual inspection of your equipment upon request
  • Year-round, full-service maintenance on your equipment
  • Replacement of all damaged surge protection equipment
  • UPS consultation and installation
  • Manufacturers’ warranties for protected items

For more information call toll free 877 SURGE 22 (877-787-4322).

Did you know ...

High-voltage surge can be caused by a squirrel and that momentary interruption, or "flickers", can last up to a few seconds and is usually caused by a short circuit?

Download our FAQs to learn more about Zap Cap and how it may help safeguard your home and electronics.