Read what some of our Zap Cap Systems® customers have to say:


"Zap Cap protected my home when there was a power surge and a lightning strike near the house. The computers, refrigerators, televisions, garage door opener and air conditioning were unharmed. The item that was damaged was covered by the Zap Cap insurance and reimbursed."
JoAnne M., Tampa

"I like Zap Cap it saved my other house many times. It really works."
Cilinda H., Tampa

"John just left our home and placed our two Surge Protection devices in our Living Room and our Office to protect TV and devices associated with that and in the office for computer, internet, printer, shredder. He was very professional and very thorough and explained both surge protection units he installed and made sure we had no problems with the computer and the TV and took a couple of tries on TV in living room but we are now good to go. No issues at all with the internet once we turned it on and tested it. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend to family and neighbors who may be interested and we await the system to be added to the back of our actual electric meter outside and receive the surge protection strip which I will call John about and he will let me know how to return it to TECO at their cost since he installed one today in our office area. Thanks much and job well done. Very happy with the service."
Bill and Judy C., Tampa

"Your technician did an excellent job and was very professional. I feel confident that we made a wise decision to go with the TECO program. Thank you."
Chuck and Leslie D., Plant City

"Before I do the survey included in your email, I would like express our appreciation of John's exceptional service of yesterday. John was very knowledgeable of what he does, very polite(something we rarely see from tech guys) engaging, professional and extremely customer focused. John was also very patient and concise in explaining the process of the installation. All and all an excellent job!"
Frances H., Tampa

"The young gentleman who hooked up my Zap Cap was very pleasant and professional, thank you."
Alice F. , Winter Haven

"The person who installed my Zap Cap and gave me the Panamax surge protector was excellent. He installed it in a fast and efficient time and was very courteous and knowledgeable. If I was to rate from 1-10, I'd give him a 10!!!"
Randy H., Winter Haven

"We had a pleasant experience with the Terry's Electric* technician. He was very knowledgeable and nice."
*Tampa Electric's Zap Cap Systems contracts with Terry's Electric for surge protection installation and maintenance.
Patrick N., Tampa

"We are very happy with the system and it works because we've had power outages, and everything worked as it should. We also appreciated John's service. He was excellent in all levels of installation, explaining the system and went above and beyond to help us. We are elderly and needed the help. He was very professional and patient in every way. Thank you very much for the service and thank you having John on your staff. All businesses need the quality and caliber of its employees that John possesses."
Shirley & Sam R., Ruskin

"Before my wife and I purchased Zap Cap, we were replacing TVs, phones and other electronic equipment all the time. I know Zap Cap has saved us hundreds of dollars over the years. I also had Tampa Electric install weatherstripping, compact fluorescent light bulbs and other energy-saving items as part of its free Neighborhood Weatherization program. Now that my home is more energy efficiency, I'm able to set my thermostat higher which helps reduce my electric bill. People tend to take utilities for granted and do not think about the value Tampa Electric delivers day in and day out. Thank you for this."
Albert (Bud) G., Tampa

"Our dryer master motherboard was damaged. I called Zap Cap and was referred to Meter treater. Claim forms were completed. Within a few days we received a check for the full amount of the replacement and repair of the motherboard! Thank you! We are pleased!"
Lenard W., Wesley Chapel

"We have used Zap Cap since 2006, and I love the security of knowing that my major appliances and A/C are protected from surges through the meter. For approximately $100 per year, I get to put my mind at ease. I had to put in one claim since and TECO handled it very professionally. Thank you TECO!"
Bob A., Lithia

"I was really grateful because the Zap Cap Systems manufacturer stood behind the warranty (up to $100,000), which pays for lost appliances and electrical equipment. Also, the Tampa Electric Zap Cap Systems professional who came out to my house was wonderful, and he kept me updated through the entire claims process. I was very happy because it all was done in a timely manner."
Iris A., Tampa

Did you know ...

High-voltage surge can be caused by a squirrel and that momentary interruption, or "flickers", can last up to a few seconds and is usually caused by a short circuit?

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