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Remember: All electronic equipment must be plugged into a Zap Cap Systems® plug-in protector to qualify for the manufacturer's warranty coverage.

Plug-in Surge Protector Unit Price Quantity Price
The single-outlet plug-in protector is designed to help protect general household electronics including microwave ovens, clock radios and garage door openers. $11.95
To help protect your computer, printer, fax and router, choose the multimedia home office plug-in with 8 outlets spaced to accommodate small power supplies. $49.95
Protecting your TV, DVD or Blu-ray players, stereo equipment and gaming systems is easy with the deluxe home entertainment plug-in. With 8 wide-spaced outlets, extra cable connectors and a 3-foot coaxial cable, you'll have everything you need. $79.95
*plus applicable sales tax

Your Zap Cap Systems® fee plus applicable sales tax will be conveniently added to your electric bill.

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