Celebrating Excellence: Customer Service Week at TECO

Celebrating Customer Service Professionals at TECO

At Tampa Electric and TECO Peoples Gas, we believe that exceptional customer service is more than just a job; it's a passion, a commitment, and a promise. This year, in honor of Customer Service Week, we are thrilled to celebrate our dedicated team members who go above and beyond to make the magic of outstanding service happen every day.

"You Make the Magic Happen"

The theme for this year's Customer Service Week, "You Make the Magic Happen," encapsulates our belief that our employees are the true wizards behind the scenes, conjuring solutions, and ensuring our customers' needs are met with excellence. “Everyone at TECO can create a positive customer experience and we all have a stake in our shared success,” said Karen Sparkman, VP of Customer Experience. Let's take a moment to spotlight a few of our extraordinary team members who embody this spirit.

Meet Tammika Brunson 

Tammika Brunson, Trouble Coordinator Lead with eight years of service, is known for her innovative problem-solving. What Tammika loves most about her job is the constant challenge of critical thinking. Every day brings something different, and she thrives on finding creative solutions that truly make a difference. Tammika’s fun fact will resonate with any 90’s sitcom buff – watch her video to find out!

Meet Nathalie Matos

Nathalie Matos, a Contact Center Lead with seven years of service, is a problem-solving hero who specializes in resolving escalated accounts. Her commitment extends to mentoring team members, helping them find creative solutions, and setting a remarkable example for her children. Nathalie's dedication truly makes the magic happen at our Contact Center.

Meet Christopher Robinson 

Christopher Robinson, a Customer Experience Lead, wears many hats to ensure customer issues find resolutions. He's not just an expert in his role but also a passionate farmer who aspires to eat what he grows. Watch the video to find out more about Christopher!

Meet Roniqua Smith 

Roniqua Smith, with 11 years of dedicated service, Roniqua serves as a Contact Experience Lead in our Contact Center. Her magic lies in her attentive listening and her commitment to meeting our customers' needs, whether it's setting up a payment arrangement or going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Now, here's a fun tease—Roniqua shared with us what her favorite outdoor activity is, can you guess? Watch the video to find out! 

Meet Maria Masso 

Maria Masso, with an impressive 25 years of service, loves helping customers with service connections and billing issues. Her enthusiasm for helping people and the dedication to her community make Maria a true gem when it comes to customer experience. What her video to learn more about Maria!

Join Us in Celebration

During this Customer Service Week, join us in celebrating these extraordinary team members and the entire customer experience family at Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas. Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to making the magic of exceptional customer service happen deserve our heartfelt applause.

As we celebrate Customer Service Week, we also extend our gratitude to our customers for their trust and partnership. Your feedback, support, and interactions are what inspire us to make the magic happen every day.