How can your Account Manager help your business?


Let’s ask energy-saving expert Don Cranston.

Do you remember where you were in 1985? Don Cranston does. He was arriving at Tampa Electric for his first day at work. For 38 years, Don has powered Tampa Bay into one of the most sought-after areas in the country. How does this Edison, New Jersey native do it? As a Tampa Electric account manager, he connects his healthcare, hospitality and national retail customers to important economic resources and energy-saving programs that save money, protect our environment and attract highly qualified workers to our community.

Don’s journey to account management

Like most non-Floridians, Don fell in love with Tampa Bay’s warm weather and decided to escape the ice and snow on a more permanent basis. Shortly after moving here, Don began his career at Tampa Electric because he likes working with people, is interested in energy-saving technology and admires the way we serve our customers. Since then, Don’s used his astute customer service philosophy of promptly anticipating and fulfilling customers’ needs to catapult him from energy analyst to account manager. Although he spends most days connecting his customers to resources to meet their business goals, answering account questions and providing energy-saving program information, he still finds time to play with his black Lab, Piper.

Account managers help you save energy and money

With more energy-saving programs than any other utility in the state, which programs does Don recommend most? “As an account manager, it’s my job to help customers conserve energy, meet their sustainability goals, and save money where possible. That’s why I recommend our Standby Generator Program and free Commercial Energy Audit to my customers,” said Don.

Tampa Electric’s Standby Generator program gives monthly electric bill credits to customers who utilize their emergency generator as a secondary power source. Don says: “Based on the value of these credits, many of my customers have decided to purchase a generator or upsize their planned generator to save more money.”

Our free Commercial Energy Audit also helps businesses save money by reviewing energy usage and equipment and providing a detailed report outlining recommended energy-saving options. These recommendations range from no-cost operational changes to a payback analysis when financial investment is required.

When it comes to environmental concerns, Don helps customers meet their sustainability goals with our innovative Drive Smart Electric Vehicle pilot and renewable energy programs including Sun Select and Sun to Go. Sun Select lets commercial customers purchase solar in increments of 1,000 kWh – as few or as many as needed while Sun to Go offers a one-time option to “go green” and power events and gatherings with electricity generated 100 percent with solar.

Account managers support you during natural disasters

Storm season is another critical, but hopefully not too often used, time when account managers help their customers. While everyone else is hunkering down at home, Tampa Electric account managers, like Don, are checking into Tampa Electric’s Distribution Control Center to help direct storm restoration activities. According to Don, “Our account management team has one responsibility after a hurricane or major storm. We update our customers with the most current and accurate restoration information available so they can make timely and important business decisions.”

Circling back to “How can an account manager help your business?” The possibilities are endless! Tampa Electric’s account managers help your business save energy and money, identify resources to help it meet its goals and get it back to work sooner after a natural disaster. If you’re ready to grow your business and start saving, contact your account manager or call 813-228-1010.