If You Build It, They Will Come (Home)

If You Build It, They Will Come Home

Home is where TECO’s heart is – and never more so than when our team members actually build the home with their own hands. That was the story as Tampa Electric volunteers joined forces with Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County to physically construct a home for the family of Nelly Colon, a single mother who qualified for Habitat for Humanity assistance.

And now she has a brand-new home, her first, to call her own in Tampa. Women Build is the name of the program (and it’s not just for women; anyone can participate!); check out the work-in-progress in the video above.

Built with Love to Last

Building the community is nothing new for Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas; we’ve been at it since the end of the 1800s so we know it involves more than just construction materials. It’s about building relationships, among team members and between our company and community. It’s about building bright futures and a better world for the next generation. And building on that effort to do even more.

On Sahara Wind drive, not far from a bustling Florida Avenue packed with storefronts we keep running with our safe, reliable electricity and natural gas, more light has come on in a place where beautiful things can happen – thanks in no small part to the TECO volunteers who built it, working alongside a single mom who will think of us and smile when she comes home.

The Colon family’s new house in Tampa was built in part by Tampa Electric team members on two Habitat for Humanity Women Build teams.

It’s official! Tiffany Bornfleth affixes the new home’s address. One piece at a time, a new home takes shape.