Military Appreciation Month - Employee Spotlight: Jodie Brett

blog_militaryappreciationspotlightjodiebrett1.jpgWith the month of May officially marked as Military Appreciation Month, the TECO Veterans Alliance (TVA) is putting the spotlight on impacted team members from various work sites across our organization. Take a look as Jodie Brett, Line Clearance Planner for Tampa Electric, reflects on how her experiences in the United States Air Force shaped her life and career.

Jodie Brett – Central Service Area

Airman First Class Jodie Bennett served in the United States Air Force from 1994-1997 as an Allergy and Immunology Specialist/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Here is her story.

What unique experiences did you encounter during your service?

I gave Norman Schwarzkopf his flu shot. I also routinely rode in a C-130 aircraft as an EMT for paratrooper support on their jumps at MacDill Air Force Base. Also, I was in the first group of 7 Allergy & Immunology Technicians at Walter Reed Medical Center. This group consisted of Air Force, Coast Guard, Army and Navy students.

How did military service change you?

Growing up in a very small town in Ohio where jobs were scarce, the military provided me with the outlet I needed to gain my independence as a young adult. It provided me the confidence and determination that set the groundwork for adopting two additional children as a single mother later in life.

How does your past military service impact your job at TECO?

I believe that having accountability in anything you do is of utmost importance. My military experience taught me to be accountable for myself and to own the outcome for my actions. I furthermore learned to speak up when I felt something is not quite right. This has helped me immensely in various situations throughout my 23-year career at TECO.