Mollie's Magic at the Manatee Viewing Center

Meagan Begley is the daughter Mike Begley, Energy Supply Human Performance Manager and stepdaughter of Bonnie Begley, Desktop Support Analyst Lead (in Mollie the Manatee costume).

Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center (MVC) opened its doors to special guests from Destiny Quality Care, an adult day training center dedicated to individuals with disabilities. The result? A day filled with learning, countless smiles and a sense of pride.

Mollie, MVC’s cherished mascot, played a central role in this magical day. On a cool yet sunny afternoon, she welcomed a group of 30 adults, creating an atmosphere of pure delight.

Among them was Meagan Begley, the daughter and stepdaughter of two of Tampa Electric’s esteemed team members, Mike Begley, Energy Supply Human Performance Manager, and Bonnie Begley, Desktop Support Analyst Lead.

For Bonnie, the experience was uniquely touching as she donned the Mollie costume and had a front-row seat to witness the sheer joy on her stepdaughter's and her friends’ faces. "I saw lots of smiles and got lots of hugs,” recalled Bonnie.

Meanwhile, Mike had the privilege of guiding the guests through our award-winning MVC, showcasing the wonders of the sting ray touch tank, the scenic boardwalk and the enlightening Education Center, which has been recently revamped.

Visitors from Destiny Quality Care posing with Mollie the Manatee at the Manatee Viewing Center's 900-foot, ADA-compliant tidal walk - one of the best spots to view manatees in Tampa Electric’s Big Bend Power Station's clean, warm water discharge canal.

The true magic unfolded as they reached the MVC’s new viewing platform, where hundreds of manatees gracefully gather in the warm water near our Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach.

Meagan's eyes lit up with pride as she pointed to the horizon and exclaimed, "That's where my dad works!" Her enthusiasm echoed throughout the day, a testament to the deep sense of pride and connection she felt to her parents’ workplace.

The warmth extended beyond Meagan and her family, embracing all participants from Destiny Quality Care. Thank you to MVC leaders who orchestrated this unforgettable visit, creating moments of happiness and connection for all walks of life.

Mollie the Manatee interacting with folks from the Destiny Quality Care center for adults with disabilities.