Steering into the Future with Electric Vehicles


In case you haven’t heard, electric vehicles (EVs) are a big deal these days, creating exciting opportunities for Tampa Electric and our customers. While many of us think about EVs in terms of buying our next car, they are actually becoming increasingly important to our commercial customers. That’s why Tampa Electric is working on ways to support you.

The EV market has come a long way since the introduction of the first mass-produced models (Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt) only about ten years ago. Today we see virtually all vehicle manufacturers producing EVs in every flavor and with a driving range of 300 miles or more. Did you know that Florida ranks 2nd in the nation for new EV registrations? And the Tampa Bay area is one of the hottest markets in the state. In our service area alone, we’re forecasting that there are approximately 30,000 registered EVs and more than 600 publicly available charging stations. This means the safe and reliable energy produced by Tampa Electric will increasingly serve the transportation needs of our homes and businesses.

More commercial customers are considering adding EVs as their next fleet vehicle, adding charging stations to attract new business or using workplace charging programs as a new employee benefit. Unfortunately, navigating the process of implementing these initiatives can take time and effort. Tampa Electric can help. We have advising teams to help you along the way, including any electric utility service requirements.

Thinking about adding EVs to your fleet? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Plan for your charging needs early. New or upgraded electric panels may be required; knowing this early will help ensure your chargers are ready when your vehicles arrive. Plus, if any upgrades are required to Tampa Electric’s equipment, we’ll need to coordinate the work with you and your electrician.
  • Work with your vehicle or charging provider to “right-size” your charging equipment. Install what you need for the near term, but also plan to support future EV additions. We’ll work with you to do the same when it comes to our services.
  • Add EV charging to attract new customers. Public EV charging stations are typically identified on several apps that help to locate charging stations easily. Having the ability to charge their EV for a few minutes while shopping or having a meal is sometimes enough incentive to influence where they go.
  • Create more benefits for your multi-dwelling unit, office building or employee parking. Survey your employees or tenants to understand their level of interest. With EV adoption rapidly increasing, you may find that many employees are considering an EV purchase soon. Adding one or two additional charging stations now could help meet the demand that might be right around the corner.

As you evaluate your own business needs and opportunities related to electric vehicles, Tampa Electric is doing the same, and we’ve been doing so for several years. We continue modernizing our grid to be smarter and more resilient, increasing the amount of renewable energy our system generates and developing new programs and services built around your needs. These initiatives are helping us to meet the demand needed to serve the growing EV market, decarbonize the transportation sector with a clean energy grid and evolve our offerings to support your business needs.

If you have specific questions about adding EVs to your fleet or charging stations at your business, or if you’d like to learn more about EVs, please visit our website or email us at